Control your exposure to floods and cyclones with our Top up or Excess buy-down cover.


With extreme weather becoming more common insurers are frequently applying higher weather excesses to your clients’ policies.  EUS can provide innovative cyclone or flood “Excess Buy-down” cover to your clients’ policies that follow the same policy form as the main overlying policy.

Suitable for a broad range of occupations including tourism construction, transportation mining, and energy risks this coverage can be bought over multiple policies for the one occurrence for the same insured.  EUS can also provide additional coverage in the form of “Top-up“ cover over any sublimit imposed by the main insurer.  The insurance can also be tailored for earthquake risks in New Zealand.


Excess Buy-down Features and benefits: 

  • Up to $750,000 flood/cyclone excess, higher amounts can be arranged
  • Can assist in obtaining coverage in flood/cyclone prone areas
  • Sum insured or percentage of loss
  • Follow form of overlying policy
  • Provides coverage for floods/cyclone when it is excluded or sub-limited under your current policy
  • Can provide aggregation limits to multiple excesses over different policies.


Top up Features and benefits:

  • Provides additional capacity to sub limits imposed for cyclone/flood perils up to $750,000, higher amounts can be arranged
  • Follow form of underlying policy

The facilities are underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.