The advantages of our standard wording are:

  • Contractual liability arising from the business operations described in the policy are automatically included.
  • Waiver of subrogation allowed.
  • Principals named as a full insured as required by most contracts.
  • Sub-contractors automatically included as an insured if required to do so under contract.
  • Normally there is no limitation as to the values/types of work/contracts undertaken.


Damage to underground services is for the full policy limit

  • No underground services clause that can limit coverage for loss of use or exclude cover totally for failure to properly make all enquiries as to location of services.
  • Unregistered plant covered whilst around or near the worksite. Not limited to the actual worksite.
  • Automatically includes worker to worker cover and labour hire. This is extremely important when associated with the contractual liability amendment as detailed above
  • Vibration weakening of support cover is for the full policy limit
  • Resultant bodily injury and property damage included arising from errors in design and specification of the insured’s products.
  • No exclusion for limiting the underwriters rights of recovery under your various building contracts.
  • Liabilities arising from non-powered vessels included i.e. working from barges.
  • Care Custody and Control limit $250,000, However property being worked upon is for the full policy limit.
  • Normally there is no there is no welding/hot work exclusion or limitation
  • The policy can cover work on hand at policy inception
  • The policy covers products liabilities of past projects/operations. (providing they fit within the business description).