Enterprise Underwriting Solutions (EUS) is a specialist wholesale broking company. EUS also has cover holder status with Lloyd’s operating various classes of binding agreements.

Established to cater to the needs of brokers in specialist areas, EUS aims to ensure brokers can access the best policy coverage at a competitive price for their clients.

One of EUS target sectors is the Construction industry, with policy forms specifically catered to the complex arrangements of contractual agreements.  Liability, Professional Indemnity, Contract Works and Plant & Equipment policies can be written on either an annual or project specific basis.

Any risk that is difficult to place fits within EUS’s appetite. We specialise in risks that fall outside the guidelines of underwriting agencies and main stream insurers such as our innovative Cyclone Excess Buy-down cover that can also apply to flood and earthquake perils including in New Zealand.

Shopping centre cleaners & trolley collectors, white water rafting, hotel groups are the type of difficult risks EUS cater for.

We are a member of the Australian and New Zealand Underwriting Agencies Council (UAC) and are 100% owned by the Steadfast Group.